Working in a library, I get asked by patrons, all the time how can they keep track of the books that they read so they don't check out the same book twice. 


I think I may have found their solution.  I was looking at Kindle apps available and ran across Book Catalogue; a free Android app that keeps track of all your books just by entering the ISBN number of each book.  After you enter the ISBN then all of the information automatically fills in: Picture, Title, Publisher, Author etc.


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An open source book cataloguing application (source on github). Books can be added manually, by ISBN, or barcode.

Remember to backup and export your existing catalogue before you upgrade!

Book Catalogue is NOT a book reader.

Features include:
* Sorting by author (last name), title, series, etc.
* user-defined sort and list styles
* Search Amazon, Google Books, goodreads and LibraryThing for data
* Searching
* Thumbnails (download, gallery or camera)
* Loaning books
* goodreads synchronization
* Export and Backup
* Bookshelves (books can be on multiple shelves)

Want a wishlist? Just create a bookshelf called 'Wishlist' and start adding books


The Average Customer Review gives it a 4 Star rating.  Because it is a free app there will be ads.